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Give Us Your Feedback To Improve Our Services 
1. How is your satisfaction level about the quality of Product/s, Service/s, and Workmanship?
2. How you evaluate the responsiveness (e.g. response time) to your enquiries?
3. How is the level of FHC’s Technical Competence?
4. How is FHC in providing the required documents (i.e. drawings, certificates, reports, etc)?
5. How is FHC’s reliability (e.g. product delivery time, project completion time)?
6. How you find the level of after sales services?
7. How is FHC’s flexibility (e.g. in handling special requests)?
8. How you estimate the price level?
9. How are FHC’s terms and conditions for payments?
10. How is the level of HSE compliance ?
11. What is the chance of repeated business with FHC?
12. How is FHC’s website?

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