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FHC’s Mobile Service Van (MSV) is designed to provide periodic maintenance and on-call service for field equipment of which cannot be brought to a workshop for repairs or maintenance. The customized van offers 24x7 on-site service support. 

On-site engineers are often involved in difficult tasks to repair or replace parts in fire trucks, rescue trucks, ambulances, power generators, FM200/NOVEC systems, fire extinguishers, and more. FHC’s MSV is designed to make that task easier.
Additionally, the MSV allows engineers to perform prompt service and preventative maintenance. It is self-sufficient in operation and is designed based on ease of operation, space maximization, and reliability.


  • Roof Mounted Crane

  • Loading Ramp

  • M-200 Refilling Unit

  • Generator Unit

  • Work Bench 

  • Pneumatic Winder

  • Compressor Unit

  • Hinged Door

  • Storage Boxes

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