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This Equipment is suitable for offshore sites. Nitrogen is a non-hydrocarbon inert gas used for a variety of functions in the drilling, workover, and completion phases of oil and gas wells, as well as in pigging and purging pipelines



  • Piping is of Stainless steel and sizes shall be nominal diameter; e.g. NB 1 1/2”.

  • Flange ratings are referenced as the ASME pressure class; e.g. Class 2500 (or the relevant API rating for pressures above ASME limits).

  • Double block bleed valves are used for isolating the tie in point.

  • Pressure gauge is provided for monitoring the pressure.

  • For remote monitoring systems, pressure transmitters and weighing scale transmitters with HART protocol can be included as an option.

  • All the instruments can be IECeX approved.

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