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FHC is a premier provider of International Standard Compliant Fire Protection Solutions. With vast expertise providing total integrated and packaged turnkey fire engineering solutions including high-volume pumping, foam proportioning, hose deployment, and mobile monitor systems, we are prepared to solve the world’s most difficult large tank fire hazard challenges.


FHC’s engineering and manufacturing team along with its valued global partners are quickly able to address complex fire protection needs, including custom high-volume solutions, fast response field service, and immediate technical guidance. Fire fighting professionals can rely on our team for the most comprehensive fire equipment and service in the industry. Our capabilities include:

Pump Systems

  •  Boost Pumps

  •  Floating Source Pumps

  •  Hybrid Pumps

Hose Retrieval Equipment

  • Hose Trailers

  • Hose Flaking Trailers

  • Hose Containers


  •  Foam Concentrate

  •  Foam Proportioning

  •  Foam Trailers

Monitor Systems

  •  Mobile Monitors

  •  Elevated Monitors

Other Equipment

  • Ro-Ro Equipment Containers

  • Large fire fighting equipment deployment, training, and application

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