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FHC Network Cabinet Solutions offer a wide range of cabinets and accessories. FHC Cabinets are multi-functional rack enclosures designed to meet current IT market trends and have a great design and high performance. FHC provides a wide range of cabinets to protect the devices, network structure, safe storage and offers solutions for all different customers’ needs as well our setup is ready for any special design of network and telecom cabinets.


FHC Cabinets are designed for servers, switches, routers, patch panels, and their cabling systems. Cabinets are ideal for offices, private and government buildings, schools, hotels, and all other indoor applications.


FHC Cabinets are compatible with all EIA-310-D 19” Standards.

Network Cabinet Solutions:

  • Freestanding enclosures 

  • Wall mounting enclosures 

  • Open racks

  • Accessories

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