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Ansul® Redline and Sentry Portable Fire Extinguishers for dry chemical and carbon dioxide are known worldwide for their unmatched quality and reliability. Currently manufactured in North America (Marinette, WI), production is now expanding to Fire and Hazard Control (FHC) at Dammam II Industrial Area.

The FHC facility at Dammam has been awarded the quality certification from Underwriter Laboratory and Factory Mutual (UL & FM) as an alternate manufacturing location to serve the growing demand for Ansul® Redline and Sentry Portable Fire Extinguishers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

FHC has strengthened its strategic platform in partnership with Johnson Controls at a time when Saudi Arabia has set out its ambitious Vision 2030. This initiative to manufacture portable fire extinguishers locally will play a key part in the future of our nation by supporting Saudization, creating new job opportunities for men and women, and reinforcing the Kingdom’s manufacturing infrastructure so that it retains its leadership in the Middle East and contributes to a more diversified Kingdom economy.

In line with Vision 2030 and demand from the Oil and Gas industries, there was a need to manufacture, fill, and assemble the Ansul® Redline and Sentry Portable Fire Extinguishers in this region. Trusted technology from Johnson Controls is of utmost importance and enables FHC to manufacture to the same standards as the North American plant in order to satisfy the high quality, reliability and performance required by the Oil and Gas industries.

Working with Johnson Controls, who bring functional expertise, and external auditing agency UL & FM, in a schedule lasting less than a year FHC has implemented the quality documentation and completed the manufacturing-process setup along with testing, training, and audit compliance to gain the quality seal of UL & FM.


The FHC facility is therefore registered and approved as an ‘Alternate Manufacturing Location’ of Ansul® Portable Fire Extinguishers for dry chemical and carbon dioxide. This Alternate Manufacturing Location is the succession to the facility FHC is operating for Novec™ 1230 and FM-200™ Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems with the same quality mark of UL & FM.

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