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Our Foam Dosing Skids are designed and manufactured particularly for fire protection in large facilities – such as fuel bulk plants, truck loading facilities, aircraft hangars, flammable-liquid storage areas, and any other potentially hazardous environment.


This Foam Dosing Skids are tailor built to customer specifications and/or conferring to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.


These skids are designed to deliver large quantities of foam concentrate, precisely proportioned into the fire water stream by using state-of-the-art FireDos® foam admixing pumps.


These skids are mechanical systems and require no external energy unlike balance proportioning skids. The system functions by discharging and proportional volume of the foam concentrate for the provided volume of water, thus this system provides the exact quantity of foam for proportioning. Based on fire protection customer philosophy and specifications for capacity, piping, electrical components, and other important factors, we can customize it to fire protection skid for offshore or onshore facility.


Our skid systems are compatible with all foam concentrates and are fully designed, manufactured, and tested under one roof at our design and fabrication facility in Dammam, and shipped ready to install.

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